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That was totally awesome.

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Another amazing tutorial! Thanks again, Wave. You do awesome work.

Wavechan responds:

You're welcome :D Thanks for reading my tutorials!! :)


I think that this tutorial has got to be one of the most in-depth, user-friendly Photoshop coloring tutorials ever. I've been to a lot of "professional" sites and they never really start with the basics - they expect you to know everything about the program already. I wasn't expecting to find such a great tutorial at Newgrounds. Please make more tutorials like this one. :D

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Wavechan responds:

Thank you very much :) Ahh, those always annoyed me ;_; Every now and then people would show me tutorial books and it would just be like: "Do this. And that. Then you get this!" and I just think: "...... how is this even helpful!?" So I definitely wanted to stay away from doing that.

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Fitting of its title.

Assuming by Pangaea you meant the colossal supercontinent that existed millions of years ago when dinosaurs ruled the earth, this is so perfectly like its title. I kept imagining clashes between giant reptiles in the dense jungles of some forgotten paradise. Very good. Very good indeed.

nihilath responds:

It was ment for a stonage MMO (called tales of pangea) which was pretty shortly canceled. So I assume they where refering to that.

Impressive... most impressive...

I loved the piano segment in the middle. May I ask what sytrus or whatever it was that you used for the violin? Very good first song. My favourite part was around 00:32-00:48.

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uzimolokobed15 responds:

Thank you so much!

Yeah. The piano part was actually the only part of it I actually liked. xD

As for the systrus stuff. I'm honestly a super noob I'm sorry I just used what I found in those packs when I first used FL. xD

Thanks again!


I thought the drums stood out a tiny bit too much. If you dulled them somehow it would sound a bit more authentic. Other than that, there is nothing wrong with this song.

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MusicWizard responds:

Well, i will keep that in mind.

Thanks for your review and vote.

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